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Board of Directors

Name   Board Appointment    
Dr. Michael Kranz   Board Chairman  
Dr. Maurice Wright   Member    
Dr. Claudette Owens   Member    
Mr. Will Green   Member    
Dr. James Gifford   Member    


Name   Position   Email
Dr. Karockas Watkins   CEO/President/Executive Director   Karockas.Watkins@ability-plus.org
James Cook   COO/SR EVP   James.Cook@ability-plus.org
Mike Brazier   CAO/SR VP   Mike.Brazier@ability-plus.org
Mike Marrazzo   Director of IT   Mike.Marrazzo@ability-plus.org
Adam Lewis   Director of Maintenance & Facilities   Adam.Lewis@ability-plus.org
Missy Dean   VP of Finance   Missy.Dean@ability-plus.org
Audra Watkins   VP of Human Resources   Audra.Watkins@ability-plus.org
Marcie Jefferson   Program Director   Marcie.Jefferson@ability-plus.org
Rachel Rigsby   Program Director   Rachel.Rigsby@ability-plus.org
Levin Paul   Program Director   Levin.Paul@ability-plus.org
Lindsey Schlosser   Executive Administrator/Marketing Coordinator   Lindsey.Schlosser@ability-plus.org

Org Chart

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