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Career Services provides training for individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Our training prepares the individuals we serve for work out in the community. We provide all necessary supports needed to help the individual find and keep a job through ongoing job-site training, post-hire follow-ups and assessments to assess each individual so that they are employed in meaningful environments. We are devoted to promoting retention of satisfied, dedicated and productive employees with disabilities.

Career Services offers a second program that provides training to individuals who are currently not seeking employment out in the community, transitioning from high school to college, or has graduated from high school, but is not quite sure what they would like to do. Career Services has something to offer to everyone within this population. Training is provided in the following areas:

• Executive Functioning Skills
• Social Skills
• Career Development
• ……and many, many more

Contact: Marcie Jefferson
E-Mail: Marcie.Jefferson@Ability-Plus.org
Cell: (256) 924-0553